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Grimm Artisanal Ales

WEISSE/FARMHOUSE MIXED SET - Grimm Weisse / Castling / Grimm Weisse Dunkel

WEISSE/FARMHOUSE MIXED SET - Grimm Weisse / Castling / Grimm Weisse Dunkel

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GRIMM WEISSE (hefeweissbier): An uncompromisingly traditional and authentic Bavarian style wheat beer — GRIMM WEISSE! This can-conditioned, double decoction mashed beauty is the culmination of careful study and research. Grimm Weisse pours with a translucent yellow haze and is topped with a pillowy, meringue-like head that lingers above the rim of the glass. The nose is enticing, with complex aromas of spice, banana, and lemon. The flavor follows the nose with a subtle and rich wheat tartness that enhances the beer’s supreme drinkability. 5.5% ABV

CASTLING (farmhouse pale ale): This farmhouse ale is BELOVED in the Grimm household and we're so happy to have it back in the very picnic friendly 4-pk format. Brewed with complexly step mashed Pilsner malt and a generous whirlpool addition of noble hops, this is pure old world elegance. Quenching with notes of hay, pepper, and candied citrus. 5.5% ABV

GRIMM WEISSE DUNKEL (dunkelweizen): The cold-weather sibling to our award-winning double-decocted, can-conditioned hefeweizen is the perfect holiday beer, packing rich complexity into a quaffable brew. Notes of dried fruits, banana, clove, and chocolate, with a wheaty-tart refreshing finish. 5.5%


Cases of 24 16oz cans contain 8 cans Grimm Weisse, 8 cans Castling and 8 cans Grimm Weisse Dunkel.

1/2 cases of 12 16oz cans contain 4 cans Grimm Weisse, 4 cans Castling and 4 cans Grimm Weisse Dunkel.



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