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2019 CELLAR SET - Depth of Field / Pineapple Rebus
Grimm Artisanal Ales

2019 CELLAR SET - Depth of Field / Pineapple Rebus

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2 500ml 2019 DEPTH OF FIELD + 2 500ml 2019 PINEAPPLE REBUS:


We're pleased to share from our cellar some of our favorite bottles from 2019--Pineapple Rebus & Depth of Field.

Pineapple Rebus, a foeder-fermented golden sour ale, is an elegant showing of big juice flavors. The tropical and tangy notes of pineapple blend beautifully with our mixed culture, and bring out all bright fruit characteristics you can sometimes get from brettanomyces. Pure pineapple dominates the nose, with a slight overripe funk and sour from the brett and lacto lending a compelling complexity. The addition of aged hops to the blend complements the sweetness and acidity in the flavor by contributing a subtle, lingering bitterness. 5.7% ABV

Depth of Field--a Flanders-inspired dark sour ale w/ cherries, cranberries & raspberries--is rich and complex without tipping toward heavy. Toasty Vienna and Munich malts build a layered base that provides a sweet warmth that never feels cloying. Dark cherry leads on the nose with quieter notes of leather, tobacco, and oak. A balanced showing of the sweet & tart characteristics from each fruit is found in the flavor — a juicy burst reminiscent of real maraschino cherry, the refreshing pucker tartness and just-picked sweetness of raspberry, and the tangy punch from the cranberry. 7% ABV

Both of these have been cellaring for about a year. We believe they are at peak perfection and should be consumed soon!