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LAGER/STOUT MIXED CASE - Topos / Cross Stitch / Tomorrow's Special NY
Grimm Artisanal Ales

LAGER/STOUT MIXED CASE - Topos / Cross Stitch / Tomorrow's Special NY

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TOPOS (traditional German pilsner): This unfiltered traditional pilsner boasts flavors of fresh hay, powerful spicy German noble hops, and delicate floral honey. As with all of our pilsners, we utilized a traditional rising-temperature step mash with floor-malted Bohemian pilsner malt. Crisp, refreshing, and refined! 5% ABV

CROSS STITCH (Vienna Lager): This Vienna-style lager was brewed with a double decoction mash — our first time using this historical process for our lagers! With a base of German Vienna malt and a touch of CaraAroma, Cross Stitch is a warming, toasty lager with a smooth mouthfeel. Aromas of freshly baked bread and subtle caramel are complemented by flavors of sweet malt and toffee, ending with a crisp finish. 5% ABV

TOMORROW'S SPECIAL NEW YORK (oatmeal stout): For this 100% NYS-grown ingredient oatmeal stout we proudly sourced Cascade hops from Chimney Bluffs and Vienna, Oats & specialty dark malts from New York Craft Malt. The result is a robust yet crushable stout rich with aromas and flavors of dark roast coffee and baking chocolate. The body is smooth with a touch of oat-driven creaminess and a bitter dark chocolate lingering finish. 5.2% ABV

Cases of 24 16oz cans contain 8 cans Topos, 8 cans Cross Stitch and 8 cans Tomorrow's Special NY.

1/2 cases of 12 16oz cans contain 4 cans Topos, 4 cans Cross Stitch and 4 cans Tomorrow's Special NY.