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MIXED BOTTLE SET - 2nd Anniversary Stout/Prose Poem/Dappling/Castling
Grimm Artisanal Ales

MIXED BOTTLE SET - 2nd Anniversary Stout/Prose Poem/Dappling/Castling

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4 500ml Mixed Bottle Set


2ND ANNIVERSARY STOUT (bourbon barrel-aged imperial milk stout w/ toasted hazelnuts & tahitian vanilla bean)

Introducing our 2nd Anniversary Stout! This imperial milk stout spent a year in bourbon barrels before conditioning on Tahitian vanilla beans & toasted hazelnuts (toasted at home by Joe & Lauren!). The result is an exquisite composition of rich, warming barrel character, fresh-from-the-oven toasted nuttiness, whole vanilla bean, and a deep, dark malt profile that is balanced by milk sugar sweetness. As the beer warms, it becomes more spirit-forward—but the flavor and body remain round and balanced, like sipping on the finest whiskey.  14% ABV

PROSE POEM (foeder-fermented sour with mango & passionfruit)

Prose Poem is the perfect prelude to summer. Bright, juicy, tangy, tart—this foeder-fermented sour ale with mango and passionfruit is a true sunshine sipper. The piercing intensity of passionfruit is tempered with juicy mango sweetness and subtle layers of brett-fueled funk. A satisfying showcase for these tropical fruits! 6%ABV

DAPPLING (barrel-aged sour with blackcurrants & tart cherries)

With its deep fuchsia color and vibrant berry/cherry flavors, Dappling is hitting all the marks. Ripe tart cherry dominates the nose while bright blackcurrant notes tickle the palette. The flavors are round yet bright. The mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth with a delightful lingering prickly tartness. 6% ABV

 CASTLING (farmhouse ale)

This farmhouse ale is BELOVED in the Grimm household. Brewed with complexly step mashed Pilsner malt and a generous whirlpool addition of noble hops, this is pure old world elegance. We think it’s best enjoyed with a slow pour into the center of a tall glass, to raise that gorgeous rocky white head that lasts right down to the last sip. Quenching with notes of hay, pepper, candied citrus. Noble hops age very differently than new world hops; we like to savor the flavor transitions over months in the bottle. 5.5% ABV