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MIXED STOUT SET: 2nd Anniversary Stout / Salty Nut Roll / Pecan Praline
Grimm Artisanal Ales

MIXED STOUT SET: 2nd Anniversary Stout / Salty Nut Roll / Pecan Praline

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4 500ml Bottle

(2) 2nd Anniversary Stout (bourbon barrel-aged imperial milk stout w/ toasted hazelnuts & tahitian vanilla bean)

This imperial milk stout spent a year in bourbon barrels before conditioning on Tahitian vanilla beans & toasted hazelnuts (toasted at home by Joe & Lauren!). The result is an exquisite composition of rich, warming barrel character, fresh-from-the-oven toasted nuttiness, whole vanilla bean, and a deep, dark malt profile that is balanced by milk sugar sweetness. As the beer warms, it becomes more spirit-forward—but the flavor and body remain round and balanced, like sipping on the finest whiskey.  14% ABV

(1) Salty Nut Roll (imperial stout w/ peanuts, marshmallow, brown sugar & salt) 

⁣Salty Nut Roll is a nod to every brewer's favorite snack—the inimitable Salted Nut Roll. This imperial stout, employing the superbly harmonious ingredients of peanuts & marshmallows, strikes a strong balance between sweet and roasty. The brown sugar, caramelized in flavor, adds a satisfying depth to this 13% stout.

(1) Pecan Praline (imperial stout w/ toasted pecans, brown sugar, milk sugar & vanilla)

⁣Pecan Praline is a slice of pecan pie. The nose is extra inviting—toasted pecans with a maple sugar caramelized sweetness. Milk sugar helps to make the body smooth and creamy while the grist provides enough roast character to balance the sweetness. 12% ABV