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SESSION MIXED CASE - Seconds / Rainbow Dome / Chronos
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SESSION MIXED CASE - Seconds / Rainbow Dome / Chronos

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SECONDS (Dark Mild Ale): Seconds is a richly flavored dark mild ale conceived as a nod to historical English brewing practices. This roasty, crisp, and refreshing quencher of a session ale updates the traditional practice of partigyle brewing. In the old days, English brewers would produce different “gyles” from the same mash: first (strongest) runnings would produce a highly intoxicating brew, and then 2nd and 3rd runnings would make more sessionable ones. In this way, they could produce several different worts from a single mash. These would often be blended to make ales of varying strengths. Seconds is brewed from the second runnings of a massive imperial stout. As is conventional for milds dating from the early to mid 20th century, it also incorporates a small amount of dark sugar. At 3%, this is the ideal convivial ale for maintaining the gentlest buzz as you savor the company of friends and family for hours on end. 3% ABV

RAINBOW DOME (Dry-hopped Kettle Sour): The return of Rainbow Dome! And this time in a can! This dry-hopped kettle sour—brewed with apricot and conditioned on white oak—is a crushable, summertime stunner. Inviting aromas of tangy stone fruit nectar mingle with juice bomb hops (Mosaic & El Dorado). Intense apricot on the palate with soft, inviting acidity and subtle tannic undertones from the oak spirals. 4.6% ABV

CHRONOS (Hoppy Pilsner): This unfiltered pilsner is a flawlessly executed, clean and elegant crusher. Building its base up from step mashed German pilsner malt, we hopped with Huell Melon in the kettle, fermented in the upper 40’s, and dry hopped with Saphir — a delightful German varietal that lends black-pepper spice and a marked noble character reminiscent of Hallertau Mittelfruh. It is quite hoppy in an old-world mode, ultra-soft on the palate, and rewards a slow pour with a dense head of meringue-like foam that lasts all the way to the bottom of the pint. 5% ABV

Cases of 24 16oz cans contain 8 cans Seconds, 8 cans Rainbow Dome, and 8 cans Chronos.

1/2 cases of 12 16oz cans contain 4 cans Seconds, 4 cans Rainbow Dome and 4 cans Chronos.