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WILD/SOUR MIXED BOTTLE SET - Prose Poem/Dappling/Color Field/Tra La La
Grimm Artisanal Ales

WILD/SOUR MIXED BOTTLE SET - Prose Poem/Dappling/Color Field/Tra La La

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4 500ml Mixed Bottle Set


PROSE POEM (foeder-fermented sour with mango & passionfruit)

Prose Poem is the perfect prelude to summer. Bright, juicy, tangy, tart—this foeder-fermented sour ale with mango and passionfruit is a true sunshine sipper. The piercing intensity of passionfruit is tempered with juicy mango sweetness and subtle layers of brett-fueled funk. A satisfying showcase for these tropical fruits! 6%ABV

DAPPLING (barrel-aged sour with blackcurrants & tart cherries)

With its deep fuchsia color and vibrant berry/cherry flavors, Dappling is hitting all the marks. Ripe tart cherry dominates the nose while bright blackcurrant notes tickle the palette. The flavors are round yet bright. The mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth with a delightful lingering prickly tartness. 6% ABV

COLOR FIELD (berliner weisse with rose hips, chamomile, and hibiscus)

This berliner weisse is brewed according to the traditional method (true mixed culture fermentation of step-mashed, unboiled wort), and infused with a trio of botanicals: rose hips, chamomile, and hibiscus. The result is an incredibly refreshing, bone-dry, tart, earthy, funky, and floral beer that glows with an ethereal pink hazy hue. A true Grimm staff favorite! 3.5%ABV

TRA LA LA (bier de miel)

Tra La La is a return to our origins. Our newest coupage is a bière de miel brewed with New York buckwheat honey and blended with select barrels of aged sour beer from our barrel library. We brewed this Belgian farmhouse-style beer in honor of Bees in the Trappe, our honey tripel and the second beer that we ever brewed as nomadic brewers back in 2013. For all of the OG Grimm fans, the bee man is back! Tra La La is both thirst quenching and complex with balanced acidity and delicate buckwheat honey phenols. 7.2% ABV