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WILD/SOUR MIXED BOTTLE SET - Rubus Rebus / Dappling / Diamond Day / No Hands Now
Grimm Artisanal Ales

WILD/SOUR MIXED BOTTLE SET - Rubus Rebus / Dappling / Diamond Day / No Hands Now

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4 500ml Mixed Bottle Set


RUBUS REBUS (foeder-fermented sour w/ raspberries)

This foeder-fermented mixed culture golden sour is dosed with an unseemly quantity of raspberries. The result is explosive berry flavors backed with bright, funky acidity that bops around the mouth. A highly drinkable fruited sour! 5.7% ABV

DAPPLING (barrel-aged sour with blackcurrants & tart cherries)

With its deep fuchsia color and vibrant berry/cherry flavors, Dappling is hitting all the marks. Ripe tart cherry dominates the nose while bright blackcurrant notes tickle the palette. The flavors are round yet bright. The mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth with a delightful lingering prickly tartness. 6% ABV

DIAMOND DAY (berliner weisse w/ hibiscus, rose hips & chamomile)

This barrel-aged sour ale brewed with Cashmere hops is a satisfying swirl of bright fruit and funk. Tropical notes from the Cashmere hops are layered with a brett-driven funkiness that, when combined, deliver deep fermented fruit flavors like tepache or preserved lemons. Refreshingly tart! 6% ABV

NO HANDS NOW (gose-style sour w/ chili peppers, lime & sea salt)

This mixed fermentation gose was developed with Michelada on the mind. Packed with chipotle and ancho chiles, lime, and sea salt, this small-batch beer is radiating smoky and complex chile aroma with a hint of cedar wood and the brightness of a fresh-squeezed lime. The body is super light and incredibly refreshing — a savory treat that delivers all the deep flavors of the chile without too much heat. Would pair beautifully with charred BBQ meats, tacos al pastor, or a side of mezcal neat. And add some Tajín to your glass for an extra kick! 3% ABV