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-Is this a temporary beer retail site?  
Yes, we are selling beer online because we are temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

-Can I return my beer?
No. We don't offer returns. If your beer was damaged in transit, please file a claim with UPS by clicking this link. Please note that you will be asked to provide ample photo documentation of the damaged package. 

-My order was incorrect. Help!
Please contact us at with your order number, as well as photo documentation of what was left out or mistakenly included. We will respond quickly!

-When can I expect to receive my beer? 
We're only shipping beer Monday through Wednesday, so that our beer can get to you as quickly as possible - i.e. not sitting in a warehouse over the weekend! Most of New York State is in a 1-2 day shipping zone, so once your beer ships you should receive it in 1-2 days. Reference your UPS tracking number, not the ETA that Shopify will send, for a better idea of when you'll receive your order. Note that labels are printed before the items are picked up, so the UPS tracking page may not yet give a location. This doesn't mean we aren't shipping your beer! It just means we're getting your order ready.

-What if I order beer after the shipping cut-off, such as Wednesday at 9pm, or Friday afternoon?
You'll receive your beer the following week! We'll be sure to ship it on Monday.

-Do I need to be home to receive my UPS package? 
Yes, UPS will require an adult signature upon delivery.

-Why are you only shipping certain beers? 
We're shipping beers based on what we have enough supply of! Certain small-batch releases, or beers we're running low on, we will be keeping in our taproom.

-How frequently will you change the beers available in your shop? Will all new releases be added?
Subject to availability, new beers will be added to the Shopify store every FRIDAY. So, if a beer is released on a Tuesday, it won't be available on the online store until Friday. 

-Is there a max order quantity? Can I order as much beer as I want?
There is no maximum order quantity! But our shipping boxes are of specific sizes (one size for a full case, one size for a half case, and one size for four bottles), so if you end up ordering a lot of different options you may end up with many different parcels!
-What if I am not home to receive my beer?
UPS will make multiple delivery attempts. If you are not home on the third attempt, they will return your order back to the brewery. You can receive either a full refund, or we can re-ship your order but you will be charged again for shipping.